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A conference for geeks & nerds


Yesterday i was attending a conference about the web technologies.

Sincerely i was surprised by the huge amount of ortographic errors in the slides: you wrote “businnes” in the first page of your ppt , and this is not professional but can happens, but to repeat the same error in the other slides…no words…i have counted even 3 errors in a single slide, Italian and English.

This is why i’m not mentioning the conference name.

I have seen some interesting tracks about Silverlight but the meeting was basically speaking of technologies as HTML 5 that at the moment is fully supported only in the beta versions of Firefox 4 and Ie9 (no support for previous versions) , not completely supported from Chrome and with a very poor support for the latest Opera.

In other words , the speaker has told that at the moment you can ignore HTML 5 (if you are a professional that has customers waiting for your code and not a student ,with a lot of time for strange experiments): could be that will be really in the browsers around 2020, when could be that ie6 is definitely dead. We will see…

Another bad thing is to propose a track for Adobe technologies (Flex, AIR…) , show some complex example code in slides but nothing on a pc, without a simple “hello world” sample with detailed instructions especially where to download the software: not the best mode to “evangelize”.

An interesting track was about node.js , in practice a javascript porting of some Erlang concepts, in a beta version but could be to consider in case of real time needs on the web.

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