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Still on VMWare VM optimization


Others useful settings that made the vm generally faster:

1)Disable “Take snapshots in the background” and “Restore snapshots in the background” in Edit->Preferences (VmWare Workstation , not the Player)

2)In WmWare Workstation for a specific vm , edit settings (Options->Advanced) and check “Disable memory page trimming”

There is an explanation for workstation 5.5, but it should be still valid.

3)Create a specific hard disk for paging file, better if on a different physical drive.

Choose to preallocate all the space in a single file.

In the advanced properties for the new disk set as Indipendent (for a swap file we are not interested to snapshots)

When is started the vm, from the control panel in the running vm change the location of the swap space to the new disk.

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