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Designer 2010 issue


A tipical request, in a custom solution with MOSS 2010, is to customize the edit form for a List / Document Library; this is done by opening the List / Document Iibrary in the Designer , and in the Forms section create a new form specifying that will be the default form for Add / Edit .

At this point normally you can see the fields and label and operate on them:

I was working on a Document Library and after the creation of the custom edit form i have opened it in Designer, and …surprise:

My fields ?? The strange thing was that the fields were present in the Code ,but not rendered in the Designer; instead at runtime the fields was rendered (and working).

After some search i have discovered that my Document library is not empty, but anyway activating the visualization of sample data:

my fields are now correctly rendered in the designer. But the strange thing is that all the custom forms in my Site collection suffers of this problem, while in another site collection is all ok.

When i will understand what happens i will post the solution.

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