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Open space


I think that the Open space , as a place where to work in an office, is the worst invention in the human history.

Especially for a job as programmer /web developer is the exact opposite of what is needed .

Typically an Open space is a large place where there is not air exchange because is an adaption of some old warehouse without any consideration about the wellness of who (the programmers /web developers) should stay in this place 8 hours (even more) and produce something with his/her mind.

Obviously your Boss is tipically unaware of this (because he/she is out of office 7 hours/day) , and the answer is “open the windows !”, when you speak of this problem.

But In the March / April period the windows are ermetically sealed because some colleagues says “.. I suffers air flows in my neck…the rumors from the street ….”: curiously these persons are always near the windows and are unmovable, and you are gasping for some fresh air ( producing nothing / very little code because you are only waiting for the exit hour) .

When the air conditioning is finally activated (after days of discussions with the implants manager) the same persons ( the ones near the windows) are absolutely suffering the air conditioning, and you are lurking for when these colleagues are out of the work place (bar, wc…) for activating the air conditioning units at warp 9, because when they will be back the air unit will be closed instantly.

Some reader could think that i’m excessive, but consider this photo:

As you can see, at 16:16:58 , 5 April 2011 , in the Open space of the IT firm where i’m collaborating there were 28.6 c°( !), with an humidity rate near to the one of Sahara; the external temperature was around 15 c°.

At 13:55 the temperature was 26.4 , the day after the record , 29.4 !!!

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