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On the road again


It was a song of the Rockets (the ones that was dressing in spatial style, with silver painted faces, remember?..) , it was also the remake of an old hit of Canned heats.

In a distant era (1980…) i was at a their exhibition in Italy.

And i’m still on Italian autoroutes, hearing this old Rockets hit.

If you like adventures and danger , travel in this period starting from Milan : there are not so many drivers that, as me, are travelling at a “normal” speed (130/140 km/h)

The most dangerous driver is the average owner of an Audi A6: probably is a shame to travel at an average speed under 200 km/h for these Audi owners, in every case the average Italian driver does not release the accellerator pedal if you are surpassing a slow car/truck and you are travelling at normal speed: they maintain pressed the accellerator pedal until 2 cm from your bottom, without any care of what can happens.

I have seen things you humans wouldn’t imagine: Mercedes surpassing at 200 km/h (estimated) on the emergency lane..Porsche traversing the lanes from first to third , with the author of these notes pressing desperately the brakes pedal…trucks destroyed against a wall with the driver hanging from the cabin..

Not mentioning the award for the most dangerous assistance point, the Punto Blu of Assago: you are constrained , when you are exiting from Punto Blu and should enter in the autoroute, to traverse the toll line in order to reach the central tolls because the initial tolls are reserved to the Telepass owners, that tipically traverse the toll at 90/100 km/h .

Answer of Punto Blu clerks : we are habituated…

After some travel you would send the expense note … surprise: on the autoroute ticket is not printed the day , but the number of days from 1 January !

Anyway a little of C# can help the poor driver:

public static void Main()
   System.DateTime FirstDayOfYear;
   Int32 NumberOfDaysOnTicket = 200 ;
   System.DateTime.TryParse("01/01/2011", out FirstDayOfYear);
   System.TimeSpan duration = new System.TimeSpan(NumberOfDaysOnTicket - 1, 0, 0, 0);
   System.DateTime DateOfTravel = FirstDayOfYear.Add(duration);
   Console.WriteLine(DateOfTravel);  // 2011/07/19
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