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TinyMCE and Ie9


Yesterday i was working to an old newsletter system on a Aqualogic portal, my web part uses TinyMCE as content editor.

It was working , but opening the TinyMCE window in my pc with Internet Explorer 9..empty, with some strange javascript errors: testing with another computer using Ie8 all ok.

Apparently this issue is resolved with the latest TinyMCE, the graphic interface of TinyMCE was loaded correctly.

But while was testing the features, surprise: an image loaded via http from an internet source was working correctly , trying to use an image on the server the initial http address was replaced from a sequence as ../../../..

After some research on Internet i have found a post (sorry, but i don’t remember where i have found the solution…) that saved my life: in the tinyMCE.init function must be added the lines:

relative_urls: false,
document_base_url: "/",
convert_urls: false,
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