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Simple password on Windows Server 2008


Yesterday i was needing to install an Domain Controller on my SharePoint 2007 VM running Windows Server 2008, using dcpromo (if you need a good guide , read this link).

Everything goes ok, but the first problem was that in the workgroup i was using a simple password, installing a domain by default are requested more restrictive rules that has little sense on a test VM (as the request of complex password that you need to change periodically).

The procedure to change this policy is to open the Group Policy Management from Start->Programs->Administrative Tools :

Then edit Default Domain Policy

And finally disable the “Password must meet complexity requirements”

After done this , from a cmd windows i launched “gpupdate /force” ; then after an ctrl+alt+ins (ctrl+alt+del in vmware player) i have tried to change the password :but i discovered that the old password policy was still ruling…

I have tried a reboot, another gpupdate/force + reboot… nothing.

Today investigating the problem for the first thing i have tried to change the password: it works! It seems that the effective change needs some time , even if you use gpupdate /force.

Update 2012-01-02: preparing a new virtual 2008 server the gpupdate has worked immediately!

If you are joined to a domain remember for the Administrator to go in his profile and in the Account section click on “Password never expires”, this especially for a development virtual machine, otherwise when the password expires you got in troubles if you are not a skilled SharePoint administrator.

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