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Book review: Professional SharePoint 2010 Branding


This Wrox book is really useful in order to better understand the concepts in the SharePoint branding field.

It begins by illustrating the differences among the available master pages (minimal, nightandday, etc.) and Content Pages: the explanation of Publishing pages is well done and clear.

The process of creating a custom master pages starting from an HTML mockup is clear and complete, the explanation of DOCTYPES and Ie8 compatibility modes is finally explained from someone in a clear mode.

Css and Xslt web parts are explained with useful hints how to do the things in the best manner, and the errors to avoid.

The book starts from simple branding to end with a very advanced customization, with clear samples that i have followed without finding errors.

There are some parts , for example the workflows explanation, which is not so strictly related to the branding but useful.

Very useful the part where is explained how to hide correctly the ribbon, with very interesting ready to use css tricks.

The only Chapter 11 worth the price, in this section is very well explained how to deploy the branding solution to another site.

Every procedure is explained step by step, sometimes in a very verbose manner but clearly.

“Web Parts and XSLT” chapter is another useful source of informations; the final part (Page editing and ribbon, Client object model and JQuery, Silverlight and SharePoint integration) is still more developer oriented but is another helpful reference.

With the help of this book i was able to start from the Randy Drisgill starter master pages and achieve a good publishing master page without spending my time in Google long searches ,and i have read mind opening examples that will be very useful.

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