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Visual Studio 2010 Search and Replace bug


I’m reviewing and old project in Visual Studio 2010 , and seeing that in the error management routines an string (the address of the generic error page) was repeated many times i have thinked that was a good thing to use a static string (no unuseful strings allocation) .

The string was : “~/Users/GenericErrorPage.aspx”

So i have launched an Search and Replace , and surprise, after the first occorrence , Visual Studio was informing that were not other occurrencies !

I have verified, but the strings was really correctly written, and googling about i have found only a reference to an closed case from Microsoft assistance because was not possible to repeat the problem.

I was suspecting about the “~” character (i have a future as sensitive ?…) and in the Search options i have tried to use Regular expression, nothing , then Wildcards:

Bingo ! It works.

But the very strange thing is that after , making a global Search and Replace without the check on “Use wildcards”, was working: as a first use of Use Wildcards has unlocked something.

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