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Strange behavior of user profile syncronization


I have discovered that i was having the classical problem of the system service “Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service” service that was not running , and obviously trying to start the MOSS service (in Central Administration : Manage services on server ) refreshing the web page after some time the service “User Profile Synchronization Service ” was still showed as stopped.

So no hope for to import the new users from Active Directory, when launching the syncronization from Central Administration.

From the control panel ->administrative tools->service trying to start “Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service” no success, but at an successive retry .. It worked, the “User Profile Synchronization Service ” the same, and i was able to start a successful sync from active directory ; finally i have added the new users from Active Directory in SharePoint Server 2010.

I was prepared to a long fight in order to obtain this thing working ; instead ,as an old moped, some kick on the old fashioned kick start pedal, some chocking on the fuel button, the one with the spring (who has owned an 50cc moped in the glorious ’70 knows what about i’m writing) and … started .

A strange thing (for me) is that doing a sync the new users (in AD) are not automatically inserted, but i must go in Central Administration Manage Profile Service: User Profile Service Application and in “Manage USer Profiles” i must add by hand the new users: i’m expecting that this should be done by sync…

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