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Sometimes they come back…


I was needing to update an ancient classic ASP site , in the meanwhile that it will be rewritten.

The problem was to debug the server code of an classic ASP site, under IIS 7 64 bit .

For the javascript is sufficient the instruction debugger; (and to set the browser in order to intercept this debug call)

For the VBScript server code the needed steps are:

  • Install the ASP support for IIS7 (control panel – installed programs-windows features)
  • Enable 32 bit applications in the IIS7 console for the classic .NET AppPool (use this pool for the web application) , advanced settings:

  • Enable parent paths, client and server side debugging, send errors to browser to True in the ASP section , IIS 7 main page:



At this point the Stop instruction is working (you are requested to attach the w3wp process) and the VBScript can be debugged in Vs2010:

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