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Data Sources in Designer 2007


The CQWP has an alternative , to use a “Data Source Library” in SharePoint Designer.

At the upper right side of the Designer window there is a toolbox , where a tab is the “Data Source Library”.

Here we can click on “Connect to another library” and create a sort of ODBC connection with other site collections.

Ih this part is managed a connections library, where clicking Add is requested a Name and a Location.

The Location browsing ask an http address of a SharePoint web site

Done this,you have a named connection

And in the DataSourceLibrary you see a new folder with the lists and document libraries

Dragging a list / doc library in a WebPartZone (in the sharepoint page opened in Designer, on the link “Click to insert a web page”) the list / doc library is available for customizations (Filter, Sort,Columns to display…)

In the web page you have a List web part already transformed in XSLT

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