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WordPress Inove theme fixed for infinite scrolling


In the previous post i wrote about my WordPress theme (Inove) that was changed from WordPress and was implementing the infinite scroll.
This is a problem for users with a limited bandwidth, and in every case the big trouble was that the css and c# sourcecode handlers was no more working (a bug that must be fixed).
I’m returned to the old fashioned links “Newer entries” and “Older entries” at the page bottom in this manner:
1) switch to Bueno theme from the wp-admin page (http://blogaddress/wp-admin/themes.php)
2) in Bueno Theme in wp-admin/widgets.php at the right there are three footer widgets, from the box “Inactive widgets” i have dropped in the first footer a text widget , leaving it empty; you must clic on the down arrow to the right on the “Footer 1” in order to open the space where to drop the text widget.
3)in wp-admin/options-reading.php i have changed to 9 (from 10, but is not really requested) the limit of page posts and Syndication feed, then i have unchecked the check box “Scroll Infinitely”
4) in Appearance-Themes i have selected back the Inove theme , that has no more the infinite scrolling.

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