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A lost day with Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2010


I have a long experience with Crystal Reports , since version 6 (if i remember well) until 9 .

I never used Crystal in a ASP.NET environment , so i have tried to use the Visual Studio2010 version, with the latest Service Pack 4.

I have experimented an incredible bug: i don’t know if the cause is the 64 bit environment or a sum of factors.

This bug is about a simple text field dropped from the data source: normally if you drop with the old Crystal versions a string field this is truncated if you make the field narrow, but you can choose the option “Can Grow” so occurs a word wrap and the text field at runtime grows below.

At design time i have the above figure

and previewing is still ok (for the texbox is activated “Can Grow”)

At runtime without “Can Grow” there is a overlapping…

If i try to activate the CanGrow (in Preview on the Crystal designer works ok)

Fantastic: not having space to the right the text is written a row below!

The only thing that works is to set CanGrow and Limit 1 , so the textbox is truncated , but no hope for the wordwrap.

I have tried to insert the field into a textbox, to set html and rtf as text interpretation : worst.

Better to return to the Report object…

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