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No Google & Adobe, is not correct


To install something by brute force without asking to the customer.

This morning booting my pc i was noticed that there were an update for the Flash Player (version 11.4.402.265) and i was requested to launch the installer , as in previous updates.

The bad surprise was that the installer updates the Flash Player , but also installs, without any request to me, the Google Chrome browser and a Google toolbar for Internet Explorer.

I’m using Internet Explorer and Firefox on my pc, using already Chrome Safari Opera etc. in a separate virtual machine.

No Google , it is not correct try to spread Chrome with these petty methods, and Adobe, is not correct to subscribe these commercial tricks for some money: if i want Chrome on my pc it should be of my own will.

Ok, i have uninstalled these two things , but in the meantime you (Google) left unused directories (C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier) and registry tracks from a installation that i never asked.

If you try a fresh install is required if you want Chrome and the Google toolbar, but with an update you are forced to install these two things.

Update December 2012: with the latest updates the problem is fixed, no more Chrome installed without warnings.

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