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B (or Yellow)SOD on our cars ?


GM has launched an interesting initiative, you can read infos at the address https://developer.gm.com/

At this time there are 2 main projects, Smartgrid, about to control in-home appliances for energy management, and “Developer APIs” for ther automotive sector.

So after tablets and smartphones the next market buzzword could be focused on apps for cars and trucks.

I have read the APIs list and i was conforted by the lacking (for now..) of features about engine, brakes and other “sensitive” objects.

There is in the class Vehicle the method webServiceRequest : it open the doors to interesting synergies .

We will can start our engine using the API Vehicle Commands->Start Vehicle from the smartphone (or from the Outlook Calendar, why not?) so will be hot and defrosted after getting out of the bed in a January morning…

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