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Still on Office 2013 VBA


In my previous post i activated macros, but every time that the Office app starts there is the request of macro confirmation:

In order to remove this annoying popup is requested to create a certificate, that can be released from an authority or , more simple, the user can create a self signed certificate.

In the Office 2013 installation directory , tipically c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office\Office14, there is selfcert.exe , a program not included in the start menu.

Launching it is possibile to create a self signed certificate:

After doing this from the Visual Basic for Application environment of an 2013 Office app is possible to install the certificate: menu Tools->Digital Signature

and click on Choose, is proposed our certificate:

After saving , the next time we start the Office app with the macro is activated the button “Trust all documents from this publisher” , after clicking this we will not get requested of our macro authorization.

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