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Local IIS on internet with the NetGear DGN2200


In order to make tests on my local IIS 7.5 from an external device (Android tablet) i was wondering how to do .

The first thing to verify is the local Windows firewall, but tipically is already opened for port 80 as inbound.

Could be that the provider or the local network locks the port 80 as inbound, and this must be verified: for example in a typical office LAN the 80 inbound is prohibited.

But in this case i’m working with my router, where by default the 80 inbound is not enabled, and must be done the 80 port forwarding.

For a NetGear DGN2200 this is done from the router web interface (http://www.routerlogin.net/start.htm):

in Content Filtering->Firewall rules

The default configuration is:



Note that for inbound is all blocked, so click on the Add button for Inbound services and add a record using the “HTTP(TCP:80)” Inbound Service:


Note that we need to specify the local address obtained from ipconfig in “Send to LAN Server”.

And if the local 192.168… Ip changes must be updated this router configuration.

Now we have :


And click on Apply.

At this point we can obtain our internet IP visiting for example http://whatismyipaddress.com/

From a device, for example a cell phone with his own data connection (do not try the test with the cell phone connected to the router!) with http://125.23…. (for example, use the IP from whatismyipaddress) we should see the typical IIS default screen, and then , with the complete path, access to hosted ASP.NET web sites.

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