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SSIS not so obvious


Sometimes there are things that are not so obvious at a first sight.

For example in Microsoft SSIS the Cache Transform component can use a disk file as cache.

But the thing that is not so widely explained is how to initially create this file.

We put an Cache Transform into our project and then link it to a previous source, the first thing is to define a Connection Manager:

The trick is to define a non existing .caw file in a folder, for example G:\Work\FILES\mysql2.caw when clicking New (above picture) .

In the column section the columns from the source are automatically recognized

Do not click on “Refresh Metadata” button on the General tab , because the file is not still generated so you have only an error.

After a first run of the package the cache file is generated so the “Refresh Metadata” button works if the data source is changed and we need to update the data structure in the Cache Connection Manager .

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