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Eclipse and SHA code for Google Maps working as standard user


A best practice recommended from Microsoft is to work as a standard user, not administrator.

So i created a not-admin user on my Windows 7 64 bit and my everyday work is done logged in Windows 7 with this user.

But IMHO is only a source of subtle problems, and i believe that when i will change the notebook i will work with the old, good Administrator login : perhaps my base OS will be Linux , i don’t like Windows 8…

What are these problems? first of all , working as stardard user does not prevent virus and trojans from causing troubles.

For example i got a trojan that destroyed my Windows 7 firewall, i was constrained to a difficult firewall perms (it was the last solution the formattation, i was in a hurry with a web site) reconstruction (done as Administrator, obvious). And i was logged as standard user.

Another big issue is that the user directories are different , and if you use a sofware launching it as administrator (requested from Visual Studio 2012 for example) you can be exposed to a subtle misunderstanding.

I launch Eclipse for Android programming as administrator, because as standard user i got some problems.

So went the day in which i tried to use a Google Map.

The procedure is know, you must obtain a key from Google and use a local keystore (a file , in practice).

But the map was not appearing: after a while i understood that this was happening because the user directory was the administrator one…in the doubt from Eclipse/ADT > Windows > Preferences > Android > Build you can use the right keystore (the one of the user which is running Eclipse) and read the SHA value that must be placed in the Android project manifest.

For the argument, a good guide at this address.

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