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jQuery not working in MVC4 (JSON undefined)


After a long time i’m coming back to work in MVC, obviously MVC4 with Entity Framework 5.

I updated an old project started from the classic Internet application template, the first thing was to update the packages via NuGet so the current jQuery version in my project is 2.03

First launch, and surprise: apparently jQuery is not working; this on my HP laptop with Windows 7 64 bit, Internet Explorer 10.

From the other hand also working in SharePoint i encountered problems with the jQuery upgrading

I tried to create a completely new MVC4 project, launched the project activating the debug in Ie and immediately popped out an error in jQuery:

JSON is undefined ??

With this error, JQuery naturally is not loaded:

I noticed that was active the icon for the compatibility view

By activating the compatibility voilà jQuery working..ok but i can’t’ tell to the customers to activate the compatibility…

The solution is to add in the MVC _Layout.cshtml file this line in the <head> section:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge;chrome=1" />

With this correction jQuery is working and the compatibility icon is no longer present.

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