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Login failed for user ‘NT Service\MSSQLServerOLAPService’


The first steps in the obscure BI world are difficult, and in order to understand the basis we can start from the Microsoft samples.

The first time that we connect to the SQL Server 201 Analysys Services there is nothing, in order to follow the Microsoft training path the first step is to download the sample project from the download page for the SQL samples and deploy it, so we can have already working cubes.

But the first deploy attempt can be frustrated from the “Login failed” error.

This happens because we need to grant the db access to the user for the OLAP service.

So in SQL Management Studio connect to the database engine , then in the Security>Logins node right clic and choose “New Login”.

In the General tab set “NT SERVICE\MSSQLServerOLAPService” (or the user used from the service) for “Login name” , set “AdventureWorksDW2012” as “Default database” (the dropdown at the bottom)

In the User Mapping tab verify that AdventureWorksDW2012 has the db_datareader database role.

At this point our deploy should work:

And in SQL Management Studio we can see the deployed cubes

At this address other useful material.

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