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Remote Desktop for standard users in Windows 2012


By default is possible to connect to an Windows Server 2012 instance via remote desktop the the administrator user, in this case i’m working to a SharePoint 2013 server virtual machine (done with Vmware Workstation 10.1).

Normally for the administrator is sufficient to activate in the Advanced system properties (in the control Panel, for the System item) the remote desktop:

The administrator is already enabled to the remote desktop, but a user not in the Administrators group can be inserted here (as in figure) , in Active Directory insert him/her in the Remote Desktop Users group

and still when you try to connect to the server this is the result:

My solution to the issue perhaps is not the best but is working: launch the Windows 2012 Server Manager then in Tools menu choose “Local Security Policy”

Here select in “Local Policies” the “User Rights Assignment” item, and add here the user or group:

After this step the Remote Desktop is working for an not administrator user in Windows 2012 Server.

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