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Skype via Outlook.com


I was not aware of the strict integration that has now Skype in Microsoft products.

Casually i discovered in SkyDrive that now you have access to Skype without installing the Skype client.

After accessing Skydrive you can switch to Outlook.com, People, Calendar


In every contest to the right there is an icon as this

Clicking on the icon is possible to access to the Skype interface in the browser, a list to the right.


Clicking on “start new conservation” appears the contact list and after choosing one is possible to start a session

Below the textbox where to write messages:

If you have the real Skype client on another pc you can see the messaging activity done on the browser , in real time; if someone send a message to you is received in the Skype client and also in the browser.

For a voice call is requested to download a Skype plugin for Outlook.

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