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Save the private ..data


I was copying a vmware workstation virtual machine when ..blue death screen ! a problem with the USB drivers.

A .vmsn file (vmware snapshot) was ruined, vanished, i tried an undelete software but nothing to do.

The vmware vm was obviously unable to start, and there were 2 disks.

Ok, some work hours for the creation of a new vm, reinstalling all and rescuing the data from the old vm.

For the original vm second disk no problem, i opened the disk from the vmware workstation console, map the content to a drive :

and i was able to recover everything.

But with the main disk (the c: on vm) there is a problem : no way to access the Users folder , or the linked “Documents and settings” one.

I tried to change the perms , but without success: it seems that there are strange permissions linkings between the host and the virtual machine under Windows (if the host and the vm are both Windows based, in my case 2 Windows 7) and i’m not very expert in these issues.

But in the users folder there were some documents , especially on the Desktop folder, and i was needing those files.

How to do ? The solution is to add the vmware windows disk (.vmdk) ,our vm c:, to an Ubuntu virtual machine:

then the disk is immediately mapped and is possible to explore the user folders without permissions problems:

Then , via Samba or more simple with an external drive connected to the network, is possible to save the data.

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