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Network path was not found error


I’ m working with networked computers from near 30 years, and with Microsoft networks from 20.

I still remember the old good times of Windows 3.11 (not For Workgroup) and the problems of a network between Win 3.11 and Windows 95 clients: there was no Internet, the network adapters were coming by floppy disks in the adapter box or by connecting to a remote BBS for the latest update.

It was the time of networking with Lantastic (i still remember the infamous “ding” sound when the network was clogged…) : so sometimes the best solution was a Novell Netware 286 dedicated server; but there was the problem in the client PCs , loading the Novell drivers chkdsk were erroneously reporting severe problems in the file system.

Now many problems are gone: i prepared a server with Windows 2012 Standard some months ago and i discovered that from the ASRock BIOS is possibile not only to download the requested drivers on a USB key (even if i found that if the USB key has no sufficient space the download apparently is anyway OK..) but if the server is connected to a working Internet connection is possible to require assistance to the producer, from the BIOS !

I was thinking to the same situation (network card unacknowledged) at the times when i was installing Windows NT 4.0 Workstation.

Now with the same server, reformatted and installed with Windows Server 2012 R2, no problem for the network card, no need for external download: Windows 2012 R2 has directly acknowledged the network card.

But there are still issues with Microsoft networking .. for example i installed an 2012 R2 as domain controller with address, the ADSL modem is and in practice is the DNS.

Then i installed another server dedicated to SharePoint 2013 (never install SharePoint on a domain controller) and the first thing is to join this server to the domain controller.

Tipically you go to Control Panel->System, change settings from workgroup to domain, write the domain name and click ok: after inserting when prompted the user “administrator” of the DC with the password .. a long wait … and then the error.

Ok, i’m primarily a developer so i don’t know very well some system arguments, but searching on Google i noticed that the error reported in the subject of this post is not so rare.

The solution is to set as DNS in the adapter property of the client not the ADSL modem address but the one of the DC : in my sample instead of

Done this, the domain is joined without a long wait and the internet connection is working.

There are other possible issues to verify: in the adapter property verify if is activated

“Client for Microsoft Networks”

and the services “Remote Registry” and “TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper” are running on DC and server that you would join to the DC.

Conclusion: a little hint from the OS when you get this error?

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