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Activity not created in Eclipse


Every time that there is an Android update, i’m prepared to troubles.

Recently i updated ADT to version 24.0.2 , and created a new project.

When i tried to add a new Activity, nothing! no xml for the screen and no Class.

In Logcat only an obscure message “Style contains key with bad entry”.

Also troubles with the appcompat_7 library, importing the new version in the workspace an message “No resource found that matches the given name: attr ‘android:actionModeShareDrawable'”

For appcompat, the solution was to change in manifest.xml the targetSDK to “android-21”, after a Project->Clean problem resolved.

After some attempts, the solution for the Activity not created was to uninstall the ADT (Help->installation details->select all ADT->uninstall)

And then reinstall from Help->Install new software:

Finally, it took some additional time to Eclipse for loading but it seems that adding -clean in the Windows shortcut (“<yourpath>\eclipse.exe -clean”) is useful to prevent minor troubles by deleting old cache entries.

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