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Strange behaviors in Crystal


I found today a strange behavior with Crystal Reports .NET , using Visual Studio 2010.
In a recordsource there are 2 numeric (integer) columns that were displayed in the preview window, inside Visual Studio.
At runtime for these 2 colums, nothing: no values displayed, even the headers.
This in a subreport; this one in origin had the same SQL of the main report.
Then the datasource of the subreport was changed, some columns previously used in the report was deleted, substituted with other columns, with different names.
I tried even to change the original subreport SQL (a JOIN between 2 CTE, inside every CTE a PIVOT) with a plain SQL (SELECT ‘value’ AS columnname) but without success: still no data displayed at runtime inside the subreport.
The solution is very strange, a Crystal formula (Vb syntax):

If IsNull({Command.TotalTSG}) then
    formula = 0
    formula = {Command.TotalTSG}
end if

If the fields are placed directly in the Crystal editor, data visible in preview but nothing at runtime; instead it works also at runtime with Crystal formulas: data displayed.
Note: all of the remaining fields (also integers) are displayed if placed directly on the report (but are fields in common as name between the main and the subreport), even without a formula.
Mysteries of Crystal Reports.

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