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10 days with 10


On 29 July i tried to update my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, downloading the ISO from MAPS.

It took from 13:00 to 17:30, on my HP Pavilion: i think that the long time is due to Office 2013, Visual Studio 2013 and others installed software.
This is the initial phase:

After 10 days the impressions are:
– less ugly than Windows 8.1: is less bidimensional/two colors only
07-08-2015 21-58-38
– faster, even if is sometimes difficult to say where ends the real advantage and begins the placebo effect: in every case it seems that there is a better use of threading.
– Edge: very valid, fast; i tried many sites without problems.
– Cortana: in a normal notebook, used with the mouse, is not of interest.
– I’m still not satisfied with the Windows Search: why i can’t have a true details view of the search results, with sortable columns? in the past it was possible.. if there is this possibility, is well hidden.
“This Pc” instead of “Computer” was the first problem… but after 10 minutes i was already confident with the new Windows.
After the installation the c: drive could be filled to the limit, because is created a folder for the old Windows, but i think that no one will desire the old 8.1: this article explains how to free up disk space.
The network icon on the taskbar is gone and the network settings are not simple to found at a first sight, and i don’t understand the ugly B/W look of the “Settings” when the Control Panel seems the Windows 7 old counterpart.
I’m an VmWare Workstation (currently 11.1.2) user, and on the same pc upgraded from 8.1 to 10 the “Unity mode” is more fluid with 10, the windows moved on another screen are working in a more fluid manner.
Generally speaking you can sense an “work in progress” feeling, but this first initial version is already good.

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