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Delete hidden VM Image


I was experimenting with Azure, and i created an VM Windows Server 200 R2, for a customer demo.
Giving the fact that the customer is not ready for the cloud … :-)… , i deleted the vm in order to not leave unuseful objects in the portal.
The problem was that i made an vm image, in order to eventually reset to the initial conditions, and after the vm was deleted in the Azure portal there was still the Storage account:
27-11-2015 09-58-32
Then i tried to delete also this storage, but i received
27-11-2015 09-58-51
Let’s search for this vm image.. but apparently this vm image was a ghost: where to find it? In the CONTAINERS tab for the storage account there is nothing, and even exploring the preview portal i found nothing about vm images.
Ok , i’m a beginner with Azure, but should be provided some interface in order to easily discover these things.
After a while i discovered that when you create a new VM from the Gallery
27-11-2015 09-59-53
In the Gallery there are also your VM images:
27-11-2015 10-00-14
And so you can re-read the VM name
With the Powershell command Get-AzureVMImage , filtered by the name , effectively there were all the info about:
27-11-2015 10-14-12
Fortunately Azure PowerShell gives more opportunities than the portal: at this point i deleted the image with Remove-AzureVMImage
27-11-2015 10-16-14
So finally i was able to get rid of the Storage account from the Azure portal:
27-11-2015 10-17-00

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