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Regex grouping for automatic coding


Sometimes is requested to do ugly and repetitive tasks.
For example there were some .aspx pages where in a DataGrid was written the DataField for monthly columns, but not the HeaderText (i don’t know why..).
Copy & paste, ok only 13 columns: but a lot of .aspx pages.
So i thinked to an substitution using regular expressions.
Tipically we have a string delimited with a double quotation mark, that we can express as




Both are explainable as: the string begin with a ‘ or an ” , there could be an variable amount of chars or numbers and then there is a final ‘ ( or “)
The trick is in the parenthesis () , that isolates an regex group.
I use an old but valid tool, the Rad Software Regular Expressions Designer (the website is no more available), the basilar syntax is
If we introduce an group
We have surrounded with () the [“‘] expression, and there is a group ‘1’ referred to the char “.
The \1 is a regex reference to the first group (if you delete the parenthesis around [“‘] there is an error while evaluating the regex).
By using
We isolate the text between the ” couple.
Using the regex expression $<number> we can refer to these groups, so in Notepad++ i used
And for every DataField with the Replace All is created the HeaderText with the same month name.

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