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TeamViewer in Ubuntu 17.04


In theory Ubuntu should have by default the connection via Vnc, but after some struggle having no time i switched to TeamViewer.
But even in this case, the things are not easy.
Using the above link, it is downloaded a file named (the current version) teamviewer_12.0.76279_i386.deb.
By right clicking this file in the Ubuntu file manager is proposed the installation (“Open with software install”), you see a window with an button “install” that does nothing.
After some struggle i found that must the installed the package gdebi with (as root with “sudo su”, obvious)

apt-get install gdebi

In my case i got some errors about “unmet dependencies”,with the advice to run

apt --fix-broken install

Done this, with apt-get install gdebi was installed.
At this point by running

gdebi teamviewer_12.0.76279_i386.deb

finally TeamViewer was installed and it runs.

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