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Install only some parts of Office 2016 and 2013

From 2013 version Microsoft Office has the nasty default of install everything, while in the past it was possible to choose what to install.
Sometimes in a test virtual machine the space is limited, and i needed to use only Word and Outlook.
Fortunately there are 2 Office Deployment tools:
Office 2013 Deployment Tool
Office 2016 Deployment Tool
With the above links it is downloaded an exe file, which extracts 2 files setup.exe and configuration.xml in a folder of your choice.
In order to install only Word and Outlook 2016 i configured the xml file as:

<Add SourcePath="C:\Work\Office\" OfficeClientEdition="32" >
<Product ID="ProPlusRetail">
<Language ID="en-us" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Access" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Excel" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Groove" />
<ExcludeApp ID="InfoPath" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Lync" />
<ExcludeApp ID="OneNote" />
<ExcludeApp ID="PowerPoint" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Project" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Publisher" />
<ExcludeApp ID="SharePointDesigner" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Visio" />

Then i launched, in the folder where are placed the 2 files setup.exe and configuration.xml:

setup /configure configuration.xml

In this case i used the license key from my Action Pack, i tried to use “O365ProPlusRetail” as Product ID but my Office 365 working serial was not recognized: could be that the 365 serial from the Action Pack is not valid in this context for some reason.
I discovered also this Configuration XML Editor:

But my simple xml has worked.

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Still on Office 2013 VBA

In my previous post i activated macros, but every time that the Office app starts there is the request of macro confirmation:

In order to remove this annoying popup is requested to create a certificate, that can be released from an authority or , more simple, the user can create a self signed certificate.

In the Office 2013 installation directory , tipically c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office\Office14, there is selfcert.exe , a program not included in the start menu.

Launching it is possibile to create a self signed certificate:

After doing this from the Visual Basic for Application environment of an 2013 Office app is possible to install the certificate: menu Tools->Digital Signature

and click on Choose, is proposed our certificate:

After saving , the next time we start the Office app with the macro is activated the button “Trust all documents from this publisher” , after clicking this we will not get requested of our macro authorization.

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Office 2013 VBA

In Office 2013 is still possible to use old VBA macros.

In a Office 2013 app menù File->Options->Trust Center->click on button “Trust Center Settings”

Here in “Macro Settings” change to “Notifications for all macros”:

Doing this starts a series of confirmations on various dll, the last request is for yours custom macros.

I’m using macros on Outlook event Application_NewMail() since 2007 version for my specific filtering and management of incoming emails, and the old code is working without problems.

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