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Really useful in the car.

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WordPress post from Word 2016

It was some times that i was posting on my blog directly, not from Microsoft Word.
I don’t remember when, but trying to post something from Word, using the Blog template, I got “Word cannot register your account”.
Tipically when you try to post from Word it is required to log in, the address was http://<yourwordpressblog>//xmlrpc.php and then the WordPress user and password.
After some attemps, i realized that WordPress is now using https: so the address to which post is https://<yourwordpressblog>//xmlrpc.php

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Apollo 11 source code

Here on GitHub.
It is also a time machine this code, remembering facts happened in the ’60s: read the initial comments in Luminary099/BURN_BABY_BURN–MASTER_IGNITION_ROUTINE.agc

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Windows 10 taskbar problems

Last July i updated my Windows 8.1 to 10, occasionally i noticed that on the taskbar was not present the alimentation icon; when was happening this problem Win 10 was not responding and i resolved the thing with a brute shutdown.
My installation is very slow to start, and i tried some operations; as a last resort yesterday i tried a registry defragmentation but this time the taskbar was dead: clicking on the start menu nothing, i was able to right clic the taskbar and change the properties.
From the other hand , the icons on desktop were working.
Before inserting the Windows 10 DVD and format, i tried to launch from Task Manager (fortunately i was able to right-clic the taskbar) an cmd console (Run New Task) with administrative privileges, and at the prompt:

sfc /scannow

Then i tried to reinstall all using PowerShell , launching powershell and inside the powershell prompt with the command:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach{Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

Some complains about the fact that some installed software was more recent than the registry version, but my taskbar is now working.
Ok, still slow to start…but my new notebook should be ready this week.

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2016, the Cloud era

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Autumn colors

In northern Italy

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20 years ago

It was the day of Windows 95 (24 August you remember “start me up” of the Rolling Stones?)
After the dark ages of the File Manager we got the Start button, long file names, and so on.
.NET was not even to the horizon, COM was the leading technology , 4mb was the standard pc memory instead of 4gb but Windows 10 is still using some proof of concepts of his great-grandfather.

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10 days with 10

On 29 July i tried to update my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, downloading the ISO from MAPS.

It took from 13:00 to 17:30, on my HP Pavilion: i think that the long time is due to Office 2013, Visual Studio 2013 and others installed software.
This is the initial phase:

After 10 days the impressions are:
– less ugly than Windows 8.1: is less bidimensional/two colors only
07-08-2015 21-58-38
– faster, even if is sometimes difficult to say where ends the real advantage and begins the placebo effect: in every case it seems that there is a better use of threading.
– Edge: very valid, fast; i tried many sites without problems.
– Cortana: in a normal notebook, used with the mouse, is not of interest.
– I’m still not satisfied with the Windows Search: why i can’t have a true details view of the search results, with sortable columns? in the past it was possible.. if there is this possibility, is well hidden.
“This Pc” instead of “Computer” was the first problem… but after 10 minutes i was already confident with the new Windows.
After the installation the c: drive could be filled to the limit, because is created a folder for the old Windows, but i think that no one will desire the old 8.1: this article explains how to free up disk space.
The network icon on the taskbar is gone and the network settings are not simple to found at a first sight, and i don’t understand the ugly B/W look of the “Settings” when the Control Panel seems the Windows 7 old counterpart.
I’m an VmWare Workstation (currently 11.1.2) user, and on the same pc upgraded from 8.1 to 10 the “Unity mode” is more fluid with 10, the windows moved on another screen are working in a more fluid manner.
Generally speaking you can sense an “work in progress” feeling, but this first initial version is already good.

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Hacked cars

In this my old post i was in some manner seeing the future.
Now i’m reading this article: Marchionne, are you aware?
We will see an Cisco firewall inside our car dashboard?
Anyway the problem is very hot: with my old 80’s cars (an awful sample..) there weren’t these problems..

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