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7 years of blogging

But not from Tibet.
Today it is 7 years from the my first post, it was about the worst IT conference i ever seen.
I could add this: the downloads instead of an ftp, some cloud hosting, were possible only using a Windows application with an awkward interface, something as a treasure hunt in a tree interface: i was not able to download something.
This conference was my first encounter with Node.js, a demonstration with running numbers where i understood nothing.
But the worst part was the fact that this conference was not free..and they requested to send via fax my credit card numbers! obviously i closed the bill via a bank transfer.
Fortunately in the past years no more experiences as this.

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Ludwig search engine

An interesting search engine is Ludwig.
Created from an Italian startup, it is very useful if you are not mother language and there is a doubt about an English sentence.

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WordPress post from Word 2016

It was some times that i was posting on my blog directly, not from Microsoft Word.
I don’t remember when, but trying to post something from Word, using the Blog template, I got “Word cannot register your account”.
Tipically when you try to post from Word it is required to log in, the address was http://<yourwordpressblog>//xmlrpc.php and then the WordPress user and password.
After some attemps, i realized that WordPress is now using https: so the address to which post is https://<yourwordpressblog>//xmlrpc.php

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Apollo 11 source code

Here on GitHub.
It is also a time machine this code, remembering facts happened in the ’60s: read the initial comments in Luminary099/BURN_BABY_BURN–MASTER_IGNITION_ROUTINE.agc

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2016, the Cloud era

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Autumn colors

In northern Italy

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20 years ago

It was the day of Windows 95 (24 August you remember “start me up” of the Rolling Stones?)
After the dark ages of the File Manager we got the Start button, long file names, and so on.
.NET was not even to the horizon, COM was the leading technology , 4mb was the standard pc memory instead of 4gb but Windows 10 is still using some proof of concepts of his great-grandfather.

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Hacked cars

In this my old post i was in some manner seeing the future.
Now i’m reading this article: Marchionne, are you aware?
We will see an Cisco firewall inside our car dashboard?
Anyway the problem is very hot: with my old 80’s cars (an awful sample..) there weren’t these problems..

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